Ninja in his Brighton pride bandana and even his food was covered in rainbows.


Paw prints in the sand

Ninja has had a fab couple of days meeting with his favourite Pointer friends and brand new Irish setter friends that we met at the beach today. Also loving his new gadget the FitBark (basically a Fitbit for dogs) tells us exactly how far he’s walking, how many calories he’s burnt and even his sleep quality.

Fighting a loosing battle

Olanzapine: side effects include weight gain

Flupentixol: side effects include weight changes

Lithium: side effects include changes to appetite

Venlafaxine: side effects include change in appetite/weight

Lorazepam: may cause changes to appetite

Promethazine: side effects include weight gain

Homemade vegan pizza: side effects include weight gain

How am I ever going to shift this weight whilst taking my medication? Lots of dog walks and gym sessions needed. Pizza was not regretted.


Ninja and his best friend Penny enjoying the sun in their ice bandanas to keep cool. Highly recommend this product to keep your dog from overheating on walks in this weather. I wish they sold human versions.



Had a lovely walk along the beach this morning with Ninja. He met lots of doggy friends along the way although he’s still not sure on little dogs who can walk straight under him. This afternoon I went to the gym and decided to sign up because I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Time to loose some weight that my medication has made me put on.